benefits of skipping

There`s a lot of health benefit of skipping.

Skipping increase your flexibility and can help you lose weight as
one hour of rope skipping will burn off 1 300 calories .It can also help to increase your metabolism and improve the flow of the blood in your body.this will make you feel great and confidet

whats more ,it Fun and cheap way to exercise.
so start skipping now

Yoga forbidden for Muslim in Malaysia

Muslims in Malaysia should not practice yoga because it will erode their faith in Islam, a senior Islamic cleric said Saturday.

"Yoga is forbidden for Muslims. The practice will erode their faith in the religion," Abdul Shukor Husin, chairman of the government-backed National Fatwa Council, told reporters.

He also added"yoga involved physical and religious elements of Hinduism including the recitation of mantras."

Some Muslim there have asked "Why Now?" since yoga is a popular stress burner in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia and also other meditation such as Taichi ,which is associated to other religion will also be ban.

what to wear for gym

Many people would spend hours at the but wearing wrong clothes.
They would either be wearing clothes that are too baggy or too tight

Choose loose fitting shirt but not too loose or baggy .Baggy shirt will make you more fat and you`ll be discourage to exercise or exercise more than what your body is able to.

Don`t wear anything that is too tight as it will constrict your breathing and restrict body movement.

The most important thing is that what you wear is comfortable so that you can focus on your breathing and easy to move around

remember to bring a small towel to wipe your perspire and a bottle of mineral water.